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complete mealsWelcome to the Diabetic Meals nutrition program, a sister site to MagicKitchen.com! Our line of diabetic friendly (Low carb, low sodium and portion controlled), nutritionist designed meals are ideal for a good diabetic diet.

Pick the diabetic meal plan you prefer, purchase securely online, and the diabetic meals will be delivered to your door within the week. Our Diabetic Meals provide you with nutritional analysis for each meal, as well as composite weekly nutritional breakdowns. We're committed to making your life with diabetes easier to manage, while helping to keep you healthy

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four diabetic meals

four diabetic meals

Diabetic Meals Testimonials

"Thanks so very much for all your assistance and for the excellence of the programs and information available through your company. With that help I have been able to control my diet so I no longer, at least for now, have to take oral Diabetes medication. I've also lost twenty pounds nice and slowly while I learned to eat by making better choices. Thanks for helping me to learn to do so. Thanks a LOT!!!"
~ Jim, Albuquerque

I absolutely love MagicKitchen! My father is a diabetic and lives alone. Magic Kitchen helps me ensure he as healthy diabetic prepared meals and the convenience of shipping those meals right to his door is awesome!
~ S. Johnson

The Diabetic-Friendly, Low-Sodium meals are fantastic! I know of no other source that offers tasty, easy-to-prepare meals for those with special dietary needs. I highly recommend Magic Kitchen!
~ Bob B.

Diabetic-Meals.net is your source for food for diabetics, including our diabetic meals and diabetes meal plans. If you are searching on diabetic diet menus, diabetic diet plans or diabetes meal plans , you're at the right place. Our Diabetic Meal Delivery service covers the entire US, Alaska, and Hawaii. Our frozen Diabetic meals can be put in the freezer upon arrival. Take them out over the week as needed. Purchasing a Diabetes Meal Plan Online is secure and simple, but if you don't have internet access, simply speak to our friendly and helpful staff by calling our Toll-free line at 877-516-2442. Our Diabetic Diet Menus are delivered to your door. They are delicious and easy to prepare and are ideal for a diabetic diet.

Diabetic Meal Planning can be difficult and confusing- we make it easy. Our 12 Diabetic Diet Menus feature fully-prepared Diabetic Meals.

This diabetic meal plans program offers a full menu where you may select one of six meal packs consisting of seven Diabetic-Friendly meals each. The meals heat easily in the microwave from a frozen or thawed state.

A Diabetes Meal Gift is a thoughtful gift for a beloved senior. If you are not sure when your recipient could receive their Food For Diabetics, consider our Food Gift Certificates. Our Food Gift Certificates take the worry out of the Diabetes Food Delivery shipment because recipients can redeem on the date of their choice. Your recipient will be delighted with the ease of either online or phone redemption.

Looking for a different kind of dinner delivery? Look no further than MagicKitchen.com, for the best frozen food delivery. Our home delivered meals have been making people across the country happy for years!

four diabetic meals