Living with Diabetes

How should I eat?

Portion Sizes for Healthy Diabetic Lifestyles
The first step in maintaining a healthy diabetic lifestyle is learning to eat within proper portion sizes. Our nutritionists have created diabetic meals and meal plans designed to take the guesswork out of eating healthy.

Our Diabetic Meals average 400 calories each. If you start with a lunch and dinner Diabetic Meal Plan, you will be eating about 800 calories. Your doctor or nutritionist team can tell you how many calories you should be eating each day.

It is the carbohydrate in foods that raise blood glucose levels the fastest and the highest after you eat. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat foods with carbohydrate. In fact, foods with carbohydrate are some of the healthiest to eat. They’re packed with energy, vitamins and minerals, and they don’t contain much fat. OUr meals are Low carbohydrate, but don't cut out carbs altogether, but we keep them healthy with whole grain breads and vegetables like sweet potato casserole.


Fat is loaded with calories. You find fat in meats, salad dressing, margarine, oil, chips, fried foods and more. And too much saturated fat is unhealthy for your heart. You find saturated fat in meats, whole milk, other full-fat dairy foods, butter, and coconut palm and hydrogenated oils. Our meals allow you the occasional bite of steak and pork, but keep the fats down.

Our Diabetic Meals are proven to keep your treatment on track with healthy, nutritious, delicious meals.

diabetic meals delivered like Meatballs With Penne Pasta

Chipotle beef patty, a delicious prepared diabetic meal 

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About Us

With the aging population over 50 growing dramatically over the last few years, Diabetic Meals recognized a serious void in the availability of quality, prepared meals for people dealing with diabetes, needing low sodium diets or people trying to effectively manage their diet or their weight. As a result the Diabetic Meals line of diabetic friendly (Low carbohydrate, low sodium and portion controlled), nutritionist designed menu items were developed.

These recipes have gone through rigorous review. The meals are specifically designed to provide 1/3 of the daily reference intake requirements based on the 2000 calorie per day diet. The meals are nutritious, delicious and ready in minutes, right out of the freezer and into the oven or microwave. Our Diabetic Meals are a cost effective way to introduce a nutrition program that is strongly diet controlled while being flexible and convenient.

Our Diabetic meal program includes 6 different meal packs with 7 meals in each. For optimum cost we ship 2 x 7 meal packs together per order though just 7 meals can be purchased as well. Whether you need prepared meals short term or on an ongoing basis we are here to help. For simplicity, meals can be ordered as needed or you can be placed onto an autoship program with meals coming on a scheduled basis as desired. is your source for food for diabetics, including our diabetic meals and diabetes meal plans. If you are searching on diabetic diet menus, diabetic diet plans or diabetes meal plans , you’re at the right place. Our Diabetic Meal Delivery service covers the entire US, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Diabetic Meal Planning can be difficult and confusing- we make it easy. Our Diabetic Diet Menus feature fully-prepared Diabetic Meals.

This diabetic meal plans program offers a full menu where you may select one of six meal packs consisting of seven Diabetic-Friendly meals each. The meals heat easily in the microwave from a frozen or thawed state.

A Diabetes Meal Gift is a thoughtful gift for a beloved senior. If you are not sure when your recipient could receive their Food For Diabetics, consider our Food Gift Certificates. Our Food Gift Certificates take the worry out of the Diabetes Food Delivery shipment because recipients can redeem on the date of their choice. Your recipient will be delighted with the ease of either online or phone redemption.

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